Melanie Dupuis

The little kangaroo. Nicknamed as such from an early age, Mélanie possessed a spark that brought out joy in those around her. Getting an early start on stage in dance shows, she continued to refine her talents in gymnastics for seven years. Her passion for acrobatics led to her discovery of the circus world, notably the National Circus School in Montreal from which she will graduate in 2016.


Mélanie found herself particularly interested by the aerial arts, specifically aerial silks and trapeze. With sharp aerial orientation, an eagerness to collaborate and a thirst to fly through the air, she found herself drawn to duo trapeze as a specialty. Also seeking to establish herself as a versatile performer, Mélanie also honed her skills as a flyer in banquine, hand to hand and russian bar.


After four years of creative research and training with her partner Xander Taylor, she has established herself as a passionate, multi-disciplinary and determined young artist ready to indulge audiences with her unique signature.




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Xander Taylor

Bold. Brazen. Invigorated by the energy of the stage. Xander Taylor wears many hats, but for each one he exploits these traits to their full potential. Growing up just outside of Ottawa, this fire was sparked in the young Canadian at the age of nine, when he saw his first touring circus show and witnessed the act of an ethereal hand balancer. This inspired him to walk on his hands as an artistic gymnast, then to soar through the air as a competitive diver for Canada, and finally to master heights on his trapeze. In his adolescence, he also began his foray into theatre, television and public speaking competitions, in which he notably won the national championships.

After obtaining classical acting training at Sheridan College and receiving his degree in kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, Xander sought to unite his interests and went on to perform acrobatic aquatic shows on the world’s largest cruise liners. Still looking to push his own boundaries, he will graduate from Montreal’s National Circus School in 2016 with his fixed trapeze partner Mélanie Dupuis. He is also excited to offer numbers in Cyr wheel, acrobatic dance, as well as a never-before-seen apparatus called the dance strapeze. With a client list ranging from Dreamworks to NBC, Xander’s performances are gripping and plentiful in variety. Take the plunge and be submersed into his world.




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Xander & Mélanie

Graduates of Montreal’s prestigious National Circus School, Mélanie Dupuis and Xander Taylor are specialists in duo fixed trapeze. After years of creative exploration and technical research together, they have developed a strong affinity, having created movements completely unique to them. Brimming with a contagious energy, they challenge the notions of direction and spatial orientation on and around the trapeze. Distinguishing themselves by their originality, this duo offers an exceptional number – adaptable, gripping and accessible to audiences the worldwide.